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green circle

Salon and Spa Venessa is certified.

We are proudly partnered with Green Circle Salons, empowering us to recover and recycle 95% of all unavoidable beauty waste generated by our day-to-day operations and enabling Salon and Spa Venessa to be a fearless leader in the industry as a certified carbon neutral salon.


Green Circle is an innovative company that takes and recycles our previously unrecoverable, hard to recycle materials; such as hair clippings, foils, excess hair color, color tubes, wax strips, latex gloves and all one-time use applicators. All of these items are collected daily by our team members, packed up in post consumer waste boxes and shipped weekly to a Green Circle waste and recycling plant.

The beauty industry creates 877 lbs of waste every minute.

OUR MISSION IS TO HELP CHANGE THAT. We are committed to not only nurturing our guests and making them feel more beautiful, but also protecting our environment and making it a more beautiful and a healthy place to live. As a business, it has made our entire salon and spa team much more mindful of how we use and dispose of waste. We have separate waste containers for hair clippings, chemicals, metals, plastic and paper. It’s convenient and we are confident that we are making a big difference.

Additionally, we have much appreciation for our guests, who have welcomed the together endeavor of our efforts, embracing the inclusion of a small monetary commitment with every appointment.


HAIR CLIPPINGS – Green Circle turns hair clippings that we recycle into hair booms, which are used to help clean up large oil spills.

HAIR COLOR & CHEMICALS – Instead of washing chemical bowls an pouring excess hair color down the drain, we collect them in a designated container. We have found that we save several pounds of product waste each week. Green Circle collects the waste and disposes of unused products safely, using special enzymes to break them down, keeping them out of our local waterways and the ocean.

PLASTIC & METALS – Green Circle repurposes metal color tubes and hair foils for reuse in everything from cars to playground equipment.

SINGLE USE ITEMS –  Items such as makeup applicators, waxing strips and cottons swabs are used in a waste-to-energy process to create clean renewable energy and the leftover ash can be as a filler in asphalt.

“We are thrilled that we can now offer carbon-neutral services to our guests, which ultimately means, when a guest visits for beauty and wellness services, they can also feel good knowing that their hair cut, color or spa service was performed without contributing to global warming or the decline of our atmosphere!”  -Venessa Lanier 

We are committed to making beauty beautiful.

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