Nourish and Brighten Your Color for Spring

Nourish and Brighten Your Color for Spring

Spring is about renewal, and who isn’t ready to feel fresh and radiant? Brightening up hair color from the “toned down” shades of fall and winter is a great way to feel radiant and spring fresh. There are many options to brighten hair color without making drastic color changes, which are also affordable and do not take long to do. Balayage, ombré and babylights are all color techniques and trends you may have heard about or even seen. So, which technique is right for you?

The color trend of balayage is not new technique. According to Marie Claire magazine, “it made a comeback in 2010 and is the number one hair coloring technique requested in salons today.” Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. It allows for a sun-kissed, natural-looking color, similar to what nature gives us as children.Balayage creates a softer look since there are no hard lines, which also means low maintenance versus the high maintenance of traditional scalp highlighting.

Ombré color is achieved by using the balayage technique of painting color, but the root hair color is dark and gradually fades into much lighter hair color at the ends, such as blonde. Additionally, a technique used to maintain a balayage look is to refresh color by adding a few babylights around the face. This will provide subtle highlights while not overlapping already lightened hair.

Since these are low-maintenance techniques and trends, you will want to keep hair refreshed from scalp to ends by using a nourishing and natural hair color. Recently, Aveda relaunched a Full Spectrum Demi color, which is 93% naturally derived and provides a full range of customized color tones, from sheer tonality to opaque for grey blending. This hair color delivers a nourishing, radiant shine utilizing organic plant oils of kukui, sunflower, castor and jojoba. It is a perfect color choice for brightening up hair and one that is preferred by our colorists.

If you are ready to feel radiant and fresh, here are some thoughts to consider:

  1. Are you are on a budget? Why not try one of our Rising Star stylists at Salon and Spa Venéssa? These stylists may be newer to our team, but they are extremely talented and have the expertise to give you a color and cut you’ll love.
  2. Yes, we enjoy seeing your Pinterest board photos, but please understand that all hair is different and looks may not be achieved in just one visit. Our stylists will advise you on what can be achieved and the steps needed for the look you desire.
  3. In order to accommodate your schedule, especially for upcoming special events, please reserve your appointments in advance. It will give you the ability to choose a specific date and time you need with the stylist you prefer.

Whether you are stepping into spring extremely new to the trend of hair coloring, or refreshing a color you love, the colorists at Salon and Spa Venéssa will customize your color utilizing techniques to create a bright new you. Happy spring y’all! Or, ready, set, spring!

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